Who is Iryna Kotapska?

About Us

Designers with Heart.

Fourteen years ago, two sisters from the Ukraine started a business to spread their love for wedding fashion and design.  They wanted to show their growing daughters that women can be successful in business and can thrive through their creativity.  From their passion in this industry, they have grown their business into a wedding fashion empire with distributors in 27 countries and 1,000s of bridal salons worldwide from Canada, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, UK, and more! 

The United States is one their newest distribution locations, located in sunny Orlando Florida. 

We have attended the Chicago Bridal Market, Knot Bridal Fashion Week, within the US and plan to attend many others in the future. 

We are also very active in the European Expositions in Barcelona, Instanbul, Dusseldorf, Russia, Poland, and the Ukraine.